Jewish Nevada


Nevada's Jewish Federation

Our Vision


Is to be recognized as the principal Jewish organization working to secure the future of our Jewish community as well as its relationship with Israel and the Jewish world. Our dream for Nevada is to be known around the world as a great place to live, work, play, and be Jewish.


As a unified, collaborative organization, we are committed to securing philanthropic and human resources to create a positive change while connecting our community through programs, services and events.


We are the voice of the collective, navigating the present and future needs of our community.

Our Mission 


We promote the well-being of our community members, and Jews throughout the world; enhance the continuity, security, and unity of the Jewish community; increase understanding of Jewish values and their application to improve people’s lives; encourage our members to fulfill the responsibility of tikkun olam, to make the world a better place; support Israel as a Jewish and democratic state; and promote collective action by individuals and organizations to advance these purposes.

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu's celebratory message to The Jewish Federation of Las Vegas for their 50th Anniversary.

Yes, we can!

Fewer Jews say they are attached to Israel and Judaism – yet 97% of American Jews state that they are “proud to be Jewish.” With your help, we can transform Jewish pride into true participation in Jewish life.


 Help us ease the cost of Jewish living so children and teens can connect with their Jewishness at school and summer camp. Send young adults on Birthright trips that transform their relationship to Israel. And reach around the world, to places where the Holocaust and Communism almost wiped out Jewish life, and nurture a core of inspiring young people who are reinventing Judaism.


 It's always something. That's why there's Jewish Nevada. And Jewish Nevada needs you.

We are a lifeline.

People just like us, our children, our parents or grandparents, desperately need our help. Fragile Holocaust survivors who can’t handle basic daily tasks. Families reeling from job loss. People who can’t attend a Shabbat service because climbing even a few steps to temple is an impossible feat.


 Help us remove obstacles and bridge gaps. With your help, we can deliver hot meals to homebound seniors.  Offer emergency loans to struggling families. Build ramps that open up Jewish life for  people with disabilities.


 It’s always something. That’s why there’s Jewish Nevada. And Jewish Nevada needs you.

We are on the front line.

Families in Israel’s South worry about terror tunnels and missiles, while people throughout the country can’t get a cup of coffee without fearing a knife attack. Israel’s very legitimacy is assaulted on college campuses, in church associations and in statehouses.


 Help us bring trauma counseling and economic support to terror victims and their families, so they can rebuild their homes and lives. When Israel’s right to exist is attacked, with your help we can reshape the conversation and mobilize vigorous networks of support. We helped to build Israel. Today, let’s help keep it strong.


 It's always something. That's why there's Jewish Nevada. And Jewish Nevada needs you.

We bring security.

Around the world, violent attacks target Jewish people and institutions. Security is posted at synagogues. At day schools, five-year-olds file past armed guards to get to the playground. Jewish students arriving at college encounter toxic anti-Israel slogans.


 Help us restore a sense of security. With your help, we can share expertise and funding to keep children safe at schools, and stand up against hatred. So that Jews everywhere can walk without fear—into a synagogue, a Jewish museum—or simply down the street.


 It's always something. That's why there's Jewish Nevada. And Jewish Nevada needs you.

We Are Stronger Together