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Birthright July Delegation 7.15.15



Brushing off the dust and dirt from the nearby camel stalls I began my day saying goodbye to the bedouin tents. The day included a visit to Ben Gurion’s gravesite, a student village, and a local farm before heading to Tel Aviv.


With a passion for sustainable agriculture a…

Birthright July Delegation 7.17.15


When I was growing up, Grapes of Wrath always stood out to me as one of my favorite books.
Reading about strength and perseverance and what it took to fight and overcome struggles for
something that you are extremely passionate about - something that you really believe in - was

Birthright July Delegation 7.16.15


Waking up in Tel Aviv, the city created by and for the Jewish people, was an amazing
experience for me. During this trip, I had yet to feel completely connected to our Jewish
homeland, but today was different. We walked the streets of the first all Hebrew speaking, water
running, E…

Birthright July Delegation 7.14.15

So i began my day at a lovely 3 am in the morning in at a hotel in Arad. Our roommates and I
packed up and rushed our way down the elevator to breakfast. I chugged a cup of joe, helped
load up the bus and we went on our way.

We pull up to Masada and I was very surprised how very beautiful …

Birthright July Delegation Day 7.13.15

My personal experience at Vad Hashem Holocaust Memorial

My grandfather Israel, in blessed memory, was the only survivor of his family in Poland
during the holocaust. His neighborhood was herded in a train which lead to a concentration
camp, where he must have made the toughest decision in …