Bachman Leadership Ramat HaNegev Delegation Inspiring Young Adults Needed

Ramat HaNegev, Israel is Jewish Nevada’s partner community. Ramat HaNegev and Jewish Nevada have partnered together to build connections and create authentic cultural experiences in Nevada and in Israel. The Bachman Young Leadership Ramat HaNegev Delegation is a program that aims to deepen the connection between emerging and existing leaders in the Jewish communities here in Nevada and in Ramat HaNegev, Israel. Through group travel in Jewish Nevada’s partnership region, these Young Leaders will deepen their Jewish identity, while inspiring participants to connect more deeply to Jewish Nevada’s work in Israel, and specifically in Ramat HaNegev. The program will provide leadership development, Israel education, and the opportunity to learn with a cohort of Israelis from our partnership region in Ramat HaNegev. This 10-day trip to Israel is designed for 6-8 emerging and current leaders between the ages of 25-40. Details to apply for the upcoming third cohort traveling to Israel in March 2018 are at the end of article.


This past year’s delegation consisted of five participants, Ben Wegener, Danielle Rubinstein, Josh Millan, Joey Reyes, and Nicky Watts and was staffed by Jewish Nevada Director, Planning & Community Impact, Julia Franks. The delegation took place from March 18-29 and spent five days in our partnership region of Ramat HaNegev visiting the region’s Agriculture Research and Development Center, Nitzana, the MOP, and Holot. During the visit the delegation members, accompanied by young adults from Ramat HaNegev, met with residents from the regional council, toured historic sites, visited local businesses, learned about social projects in the area and were privy to the dilemmas and conflicts experienced by the residents.


Our partnership development is dedicated to embodying the spirit of Jewish culture and promoting strong connections between the State of Israel and Nevada. Through this partnership, we can build strong communities together. Joey Reyes, new Jewish Nevada Young Leaders Board member describes his experience from the March 2017 Bachman Young Leadership Delegation below:


"First and foremost I would like to thank Jewish Nevada for the experience of my life. As a convert to Judaism this trip brought me closer to and increased my understanding of the Jewish faith and its people. I am forever grateful for this experience. Joey Being able to take a dip into the Mikveh in Ein Akev and reciting a prayer was divine. The partnership we have with Ramat HaNegev is vital.” Reyes stated, “We as a Jewish community here in Las Vegas need to continue to grow and nurture this relationship. I have so much to say but I will close with this, Israel is forever in my heart and I will defend it until my last days on earth. Thank you to all involved for making this delegation trip a success." 

The delegation also visited the newly built Sports Center, funded by Alan and Judy Bachman, and attended the sixth annual Davis Family Scholarship Ceremony on March 23. The Davis Family Scholarship program has been generously providing scholarships to students in the Ramat HaNegev region for several years. More than 120 students participated in this year’s ceremony. The ceremony was also attended by Jewish Nevada CEO Todd Polikoff, incoming regional council CEO Eran Doron, council representatives, young leaders in the community from Nevada and the region, and the Davis family, whose generous contributions, donations and involvement in Ramat HaNegev’s development go far above and beyond fostering the advancement of the education of the residents of Ramat HaNegev.

After their visit to Ramat HaNegev, the delegation went on to tour Israel, from Jerusalem to the Golan Heights, with the goal of getting to know Israel better and more deeply. “The delegation is a wonderful and exciting thing that attests to the strong and flourishing partnership between our two communities, stated Jared White, Coordinator Partnership Department. “The delegation’s visit was a great success, and together we will continue to build a common future for the Jewish people.”



If you are interested in participating in this year’s delegation, please review Jewish Nevada’s application criteria: tentative 2018 Bachman Young Leadership Ramat HaNegev Delegation dates are March 8-18, 2018. Applicant Criteria:


• You have not traveled to Israel as an adult in the past 5 years (with the exception of Birthright)

• You are between the ages of 25-40 years old at the time of application

• You currently reside in Nevada

• You are Jewish or actively going through conversion

• You are available to participate in four sessions held prior to and after the trip

  (December 6, 2017 - May 2018, exact dates TBD)

• You have the ability to attend this year’s Israel trip (March exact dates TBD; commitment of 10 days)

• You are willing and able to share your Israel experience with others in the local community upon return

• You are willing and able to explore opportunities for leadership level involvement in Jewish Nevada

• You are currently involved in the community (secular or Jewish) and aspire to be a leader within the Jewish community

• You will contribute $500 to the Campaign for Jewish Needs above and beyond your typical annual gift.


Apply Online at OR


Contact Megan Weintraub at to learn more on how to join us on our next delegation.






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