Birthright Israel Blogs July 2014 - Day 1 & 2

Birthright Day 1:

We arrived safely in Israel today. After leaving the airport we hopped on our bus and headed north to Tiberius. Along the way we stopped in Ceasaria and made Shehekianu on the beach. We arrived at our hotel just in time for dinner and a long rest!


"Lost and Found in Tzfat" – Written by Devon Bealick

The day begin with a quick breakfast and a bus ride to one of the most sacred places on Earth. Upon our arrival the men and the women were separated, how orthodox!

We were given a glimpse into the mystical lives of the Hasidic Jews that reside in this magical land. Beginning our journey into this faraway place, a feeling of what is seemingly strange began to feel like a housewarming. We were led to one of the most holy bodies of water on the planet, called a Mikveh.

Upon submerging in this holy water I was literally short of breath before fully submerging my head and emerging feeling refreshed and alive. After the spiritual bath we went to lunch, shopping, and exploring this wonderful city. I found myself wo(a)ndering into a unique Jewish gallery expressing the profound love and struggle in human life, emotion, and expression. I met Yom Tov quite literally and physically.

Suddenly in this artist happening a siren sounding from a passing law enforcement officer reminded me I was lost in thought. A bubble popped and I realized I was away from my group, I then rush back into the streets and was met by Sabbat, who took us to the highest point in the holy land, Mt Meron. The symbolism and allegory our rich culture so often misconstrued and misconnected can be simplified/unified through the eternal light of human belief and hope.


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