Day 1: Heart 2 Heart Blog

Today was a fabulous day in Tel Aviv. Learning Krav Maga on the beach with my fellow Vegas ladies was such a fun experience. We were right next to the Dolphinarium which is a  destroyed building covered in colorful graffiti and acts as a memorial for the 20 Young people killed in an act of terrorism as well as a constant reminder to the people of Israel as well as tourists like us of what is possible. How appropriate that we learned to protect ourselves against hate with the memorial standing before us.

We also took a Segway tour through the city of tel aviv. Being on a Segway was a unique experience in itself but riding this innovative piece of machinery through the old streets of tel aviv that have been there for hundreds of years seemed so contradictory. It reminded me  how unique Israel is and how it continues to remember and honor the past while continuing to look toward the future.

We finished the day with a concert by a group called 9 Lives which consisted of 6 retired Israeli soldiers all who were injured in the line of duty and suffered from PTSD. They formed the band as a sort of therapy and lean on one another for support. The music was beautiful and their friendships were inspiring.  

This was only day one of this lovely mission, I can't wait to see what the next few days will bring. 

-Melanie Howard 


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