To the Federation Scholarship Donors

To the Federation scholarship donors, 
Before I begin I will start out by saying thank you. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to have gone on such an incredible trip and experience such an amazing bond within the Jewish community. I would also like to apologize for how late I wrote this letter. After my trip to ILTC I was very busy with school work and my new job. Thank you again for the scholarship for ILTC, it was much needed and such a great help in paying for such an unbelievable experience. 
My name is Emma Tatum and I recently attended International Leadership Training Convention, ILTC. ILTC is a 3 week camp for Jewish teens who are members of the Jewish youth organization, BBYO. During these three weeks, I learned how to grow and strengthen my local chapter as well as improve our weekly programming. At lLTC I had the incredible opportunity to get Bat Mitzvahed and to find my Jewish identity. I made friends with other Jewish teens that were not only from the United States, but Turkey, Ukraine, and Bulgaria!  
The first week consisted of getting to know all of the participants through relationship building. Every day we had our blueprint class. Blueprint is where I got the most out of my leadership education during the three weeks. I learned how to help shape the worldwide movement of BBYO and gained skills in group collaboration, effective communication strategies, and helpful recruitment tactics. 
The second week was more about feeling empowered to use your voice and stand up for what change you want to see in the world. I had the great opportunity to hear from amazing guest speakers who all shared the similar message of using your social media platforms to spread awareness and change. 
The third week was the most memorable and focused on recreational activities and team bonding. We celebrated the fourth of July with a cookout and traditional fireworks. We played the Maccabiah games (color wars) where I was a member of the green team and competed in kickball. The final event of the three weeks was ILTC Presents, a talent show for all of the participants to showcase their special skills and talents. 
Every Friday we celebrated Shabbat with service and shira. Every Saturday night we gathered around the Perlman tree to celebrate Havdalah and sing songs. My time at ILTC was beyond expectations and will forever be one of the best summers I’ve ever had. Thank you so much Jewish Nevada for helping me find my voice and discover my Jewish identity. 


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