JewEL Spotlight – Danielle Rubinstein

For those that have been to the happy hours, I'm the girl running around with the camera taking pictures of everyone. I moved from the San Fernando Valley in California to Las Vegas at the age of 14. Growing up in an Israeli household, there was always an abundance of good food, traditions, customs and Hebrew chatter. I attended UNLV and got involved with Hillel during my time there. Shortly after graduating, I moved to Houston and became a flight attendant. Traveling and meeting people was great, but I felt something missing, and came to realize it was my Jewish identity. So after 2.5 years, I put in my transfer and moved back to Vegas. 

I remember hearing about JewEL during my UNLV days, so I reached out and went to my first happy hour. But it was my second JewEL event that did it for me. It was a New Member Shabbat. Nervous about going to a place where I knew that I would not know a single person, I was greeted with warm and friendly smiles, and ended up having a great time!

Next thing I know, I'm taking photos at events. I've also become more involved with JewEL, joining their board, being part of the LEADs program this year, and helping out with Good Deeds Day. I am beyond grateful to what JewEL has given me, from new and amazing friendships, a sense of community, helping me discover more of my Jewish identity, and giving me more of an Israeli connection. 

JewEL has so many fun, interesting, and rewarding programs and events to offer every and any type of person. And the connections you make, both personally and professionally, are truly valuable, worthwhile and everlasting. At the next event, make sure to come over and say hi, but be ready to smile so I can capture the moment!


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