JFLV CEO Weekly Message - Peace of Mind Through Philanthropy

It's been famously said that "There's no dollar sign on a peace of mind."  It's a very poetic and deep statement, but is it true?   While I don't believe that one can assign a monetary value to "Peace of mind,"  I believe that one can obtain peace of mind through philanthropy.  Specifically, through the virtually timeless power of planned giving and endowments.


Through planned giving and endowment vehicles, you can leave a legacy, you can assure that the traditions and institutions that mean so much to you today will be there for future generations. You can have peace of mind in knowing that your charitable intent will be perpetuated for generations.  A permanent legacy can be created using planned giving programs that are specifically tailored to help support your financial planning and estate planning goals that fits within your means.


Aside for peace of mind, planned giving offers many benefits. If you give during your lifetime, you may receive charitable income tax deductions, but perhaps most important is the enduring nature of planned giving. You demonstrate to your family the depth of your philanthropic commitment and the importance of “giving back” to the Jewish community. You leave your children, your grandchildren and your community an invaluable inheritance and a lasting testimony to your values. You designate how your gift is to be used: to provide unrestricted funds to help meet community needs now and in the future, or to provide permanent resources to aid identified programs, projects, agencies, organizations or initiatives that are of particular interest to you and your and your family. It’s up to you.


The Jewish Federation of Las Vegas is your experienced, reliable partner in helping you realize your philanthropic goals, building a lasting testament to your name that meets your specific needs, vision and objectives. An endowment is forever and it is how you obtain a peace of mind through philanthropy.  Create your Jewish legacy today for your family, your community, and your people.


If you would like to find out more about Creating Your Jewish Legacy through the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, please contact me at todd@jewishlasvegas.com.


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