Masks On for Purim at the Las Vegas Senior Lifeline

Seniors at the Las Vegas Senior Lifeline learned about the history and traditions of Purim at congregate meal.  JewEL volunteer, Sam Cohen, read the Seniors the Book of Esther and Program Manager, Melissa Krause, discussed how that history relates to the celebrations that take place today.

The congregate meal, like all the services at the Las Vegas Senior, is non-denominational and includes seniors from all faiths and backgrounds.  “The seniors are always so interested in learning about Jewish faith and traditions,” shared Lisa Popovsky, Las Vegas Senior Lifeline Director.  “It’s a wonderful opportunity for our Jewish clients to share their own experiences and for all the seniors to learn from each other, and connect on a deeper level.”

One of the traditions the seniors were very interested in was the drinking!  Volunteer, Sam Cohen, was teased about “forgetting to bring the wine.” Sam said, “This is one of the things I like best about regularly volunteering. Not necessarily getting teased, but getting to know the different personalities of the seniors and having a genuine and friendly relationship with them.”


Purim is about giving. “Sam is a wonderful example of power of giving.  He doesn’t just give his time, but he gives himself.  I think it is through that level of giving that gets so much in return,” said Popovsky.


Anyone interested in information about Las Vegas Senior Lifeline services, making a donation or volunteering is encouraged to contact the Las Vegas Senior Lifeline. 


Las Vegas Senior Lifeline is a program of the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas. The mission is to provide compassionate care to frail, lower-income seniors with resources to enable them to remain living independently in their own homes. Las Vegas Senior Lifeline is located in the Alice and Harry L. Goldberg Senior Center, an inviting social, educational and informational center for senior adults.


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