Women's Philanthropy Council Welcome Back Orientation

The Women’s Philanthropy Council of the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas met on September 3, 2015 for their first council meeting and orientation at the beautiful home of the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas Board of Directors, Vice Chair, Marla Letizia

Not only was the food magnificent, prepared single handedly by our hostess, but the women were reminded by the Scholar in Residence, National Women’s Philanthropy Chair of the Jewish Federation of North America, Judy Altenberg, that they all have a Jewish story to tell.  That Jewish story is what brought the council to their passion of caring for those that can’t care for themselves. Judy guided the women through her Jewish story.  A story that allowed her to appreciate all that the Jewish community has provided from her childhood, through her parents aging, her children’s experiencing Jewish camp, day school and Birthright, all underwritten by people on our council and countless others around the world.  

“We all have a Jewish story,” noted Women’s Philanthropy Chairwoman, Fran Fine Ventura.  “Something we enjoyed in our lives that was supplemented by the Jewish Federation.  Whether it be providing programs for our synagogues, Jewish Family Service Agency, Jewish Community Center, sending our children on Birthright, supporting youth participation at Bnai B’rith International Leadership Conference, providing for survivors of the Holocaust or a safe haven for Israeli children who were caught up in the middle of a war – just to name a few.” 

Judy stressed the importance of Women’s Philanthropy and the significance of a women’s gift.  She was engaging and thoughtful in sharing her story, bringing to light the many ways in which our lives are touched by the Jewish Federation. 

Fran Fine Ventura, shared her thoughts about the passing of Edythe Katz Yarchever, a legend in the Las Vegas Jewish Community.  Not only was she the first Women’s Philanthropy Chair of the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, she single-handedly brought the Holocaust curriculum to the Clark County School District.  She was also instrumental in starting the Holocaust Resource Center, was active in her synagogue, AIPAC, and all things Jewish.  . 

Following lunch, Fran provided the women with an overview of our local Jewish Federation, the important work we do here in Las Vegas, in Israel and around the world.  She also stressed the impact Women’s Philanthropy makes on the community through our members’ generous contributions.

The message of this beautiful get together is that WE, as the women of our community have the privilege to carry on the traditions of our faith, one Jew asking a second Jew to help a third Jew.   It is an amazing privilege to be able to give and not need to be on the receiving end.  And, for that we should be eternally grateful.

Members present at the Orientation included:  Fran Fine Ventura, Debra Cohen, Kimberly Cohen, Robin Cohen, Suzanne Handler, Melanie Howard, Lauren Rogat, Marcy Saxe, Jane Schorr, Jennifer Sher, Alexandra P. Silver, Joyce Sperling, Betsi Steinberg, Heidi Sarno Straus, Debbie Strimling, Rachel Ventura, Galit Ventura-Rozen, and Polly Weinstein.

The next Women’s Philanthropy Council meeting will be on October 8, 2015 and will be held at the Jewish Federation Office. Any women who have a desire to help the Jewish people in the best way possible are welcome to join at our Women’s Council Meeting.  Or join us in the evening of October 8, 2015 when we have a get together to learn about Heart to Heart, a five day Women’s Mission to Israel.  Please call the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas at 702-732-0556 to learn more or email Fran Fine Ventura directly at fran@finepricelaw.com


We welcome your involvement. 


What is YOUR Jewish Story?



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