10 2014

A White Evening - Tu be Av

5:30PM - 7:30PM  



Singles from all over the South-Western US will be looking for their soulmates. Be there; find and be found. Find & like us on Facebook: TuBeAv Vegas Limited capacity. To be added to the guest list, RSVP today to: FAQ ~ How do I get on the guest list? Very simple. 1.- Email with your name, birthdate, gender and phone number. 2.- You will be added to your gender's list on a first-come basis. 3.- In the next few weeks you will get your personal invitation with all the details. ~ Why do you ask for my gender? Why the limited capacity? We want, as close as possible, the same number of ladies and gentlemen. ~ Why do you ask for my birthdate? Why the specific age range? We want Jewish people to marry each other. This age range is highly interested in marriage. Both younger and older people are less so. But if you are in your 20's, open to a relationship with someone older than you, and seriously interested in marriage, please RSVP today. ~ When? The evening of Sunday, August 10th, 2014. ~ Where? Summerlin; in North-West Las Vegas. About 30 minutes from The Strip. The exact location will be disclosed by personal invitation. ~ How much? $25.00 ~ Can I pay at the door? Sorry, no. We will need a final list of guests well before the event. You will only be allowed into the event if you received an invitation and paid before the deadline. Please spare both you and us an unsavory moment. ~ How will I pay? PayPal. Your personal invitation will have the details. ~ Why the date? What is Tu be Av (Av the 15th)? This is an auspicious day for weddings and to find one's soulmate. In depth: ~ Is this a religious event? No, it is not. You do not have to be observant to attend. But take notice: you might meet someone who might be more observant than you. Be open, honest and upfront when meeting others. Always. You MUST be Jewish, though. ~ Must I wear all-white? You are highly encouraged to do so. Very. Why? 1.- Keeps a beautiful Jewish tradition alive. 2.- This is Vegas. In the summer. Trust us, you will not regret it. ~ Will there be kosher food and/or drinks? A Jewish event without food? Unheard of! ;) Appetizers, wine and soft drinks will be served. All food & drink will be 100% kosher. ~ I am just looking to meet/date people. Should I attend? This event is for Jewish singles looking for a serious relationship to conclude in marriage. If you are open to a serious, long-term relationship, by all means please RSVP today.