3 2014

CPT: Talmud with Training Wheels Class 8

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Home of Rabbi Yocheved Mintz  

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Talmud with Training Wheels-Intro to Talmud. Can the side of an elephant be used as a wall of a sukkah? The discussion and multitudes of opinion which respond to this question can be found in the Talmud. Be it the Babylonian Talmud or the Jerusalem Talmud, these curious and in depth, sometimes practical and sometimes mystical conversations are recorded within and without the text. Interested in taking it for a spin? Course Cost: $165.00 for members, $215.00 for non-members Course Fees: due by August 15, 2014 Start Date: September 8, 2014 Seating is Limited. RSVP: 702.436.4900