19 2019

Page Turners Book Club Meeting

5:30PM - 7:00PM  

JCC of Southern Nevada The Judy Bachman Memorial Suite
8689 West Sahara Ave. # 180
Las Vegas, NV 89117

Contact Neil Popish
702 794 0090

Reading is an inherently solitary activity but having feelings about a book you’ve just read is universal! Whether you hated it, loved it, didn’t finish, thought it was “meh” -- these things are all better shared.
A good book club can change the way you see a book, get you to read something you never would have picked up otherwise.

The JCC welcomes you to join one of our book clubs starting up this fall. We will be offering 2 very distinct types of book clubs – Non-Fiction and Fiction, so come and join us and meet new friends and join one of the clubs.

The Page Turners Book Club will meet monthly at the discretion of each individual book club and will meet either at the JCC or at a location chosen by the club. We will be looking at book clubs held on both the east and west side of the valley. Contact the JCC to join a book club.