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One, Two, Three, Shabbat!

Author Naomi Shulman joins us today for a special read along of her book, One, Two, Three, Shabbat!


"Stretch It Out" with Jillian Potashnick

This series consists of 10 different leg stretches being held for only 10 seconds each. When you find a particular position to be more difficult than all the others, that is the one you need the most, so hold that stretch for a full 30 seconds once the video is over. I recommend stretching to be done 7 days a week in order to see real progress. Try tying it in to something you do every night, like brushing your teeth, in order for it to become a habit. Flexibility helps improve posture, creates greater range of motion while exercising, and helps prevents injury. Play your own relaxing tunes, or listen to the ocean waves, just get stretching! 


Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga with Pete the Cat & The Pizza Party! Read by Jillian Potashnick

Learn 6 easy yoga poses with your kids while they listen to the silly story of Pete the Cat and his friends making one groovy pizza!


92nd Street Y

Watch and participate in select 92Y programs with free live broadcasts!


Disney Goes Virtual

While you may not be able to take a spin on your favorite Disney rides in person, you can strap in for a virtual adventure. Countless point-of-view videos taken by dedicated theme park goers exist on the wonderful world of YouTube so you can experience the spins, songs and animatronics of Disney’s finest without leaving home.  While of course they’re no substitution for the real thing, here are some of the best POV Disney rides from Orlando to Hong Kong you can (virtually) hop on right now. Don’t forget to throw on your Mickey or Minnie ears to really set the scene!


PJ Library Presents

PJ Library Presents Have I Got a Story For You - Special Agent: David King

David King is a nine-year-old special agent in the midst of a quest for... something. Who is he running from? Why? And what happened to cousin Jen, the previous game champion? And why are big brothers so sneaky?


PJ Seder Plate

It’s almost time for Passover! If you’re hosting the seder, a festive meal that kicks off Passover this year, you’ll need a special centerpiece – your very own seder plate.


PJ Seder Checklist

You’re hosting the seder this year, so how do you make it fun for all ages? Never fear, this short checklist ensures you have everything you’ll need for a kid-friendly seder.


Shabbat Rituals

Finding presence, quieting the thoughts in our minds, and transitioning seamlessly into Shabbat — these things are hard. But what can help us shift from constantly doing to simply being are Shabbat rituals infused with mindfulness-based meditations.
This Friday, deepen your Shabbat practice by meditating over the Shabbat candles, wine, and challah. Together we will pause, reflect, celebrate and nourish our bodies and minds.


PJ Library Storytime

"The Missing Ingredient" Enjoy a special animated version of The Missing Ingredient


9 Fun and Easy Ideas for a Shabbat Family Game Night

The family game night ideas in this post will keep your family giggling all the way through Havdalah.


Easy Challah Recipes to Make with Your Kids

It's traditional to eat challah bread with Shabbat dinner. Did you know that making challah is actually pretty easy and a very kid-friendly activity? Here are a bunch of quick and easy, kid-pleasing, challah recipes you can make this week.


Jewish TV Shows to Binge Watch While You’re Stuck at Home

With the coronavirus outbreak raging across the U.S. and around the world, many in the Jewish community are under quarantine or, at least, practicing some serious social distancing This means that, until the pandemic dies down, a lot of us will be stuck at home. Good thing we have TV to keep us from panicking and/or getting bored out of our minds! Luckily streaming platforms are full of Jewish and Jew-ish TV shows that are well worth a binge watch, and a lot of them are pretty long — there’s enough to keep you entertained for weeks. Whether you want to catch up on some tried-and-true classics or discover something new, we’ve compiled a list of the perfect TV to watch in the time of the coronavirus.


Virtual Magic Show

NBC’s America’s Got Talent-winning magician Mat Franco takes an innovative approach to magic-making that’s driven by pure joy. Almost entirely self-taught, the 31-year-old Rhode Island native began staging his own shows before the age of 10 and quickly cultivated a performance style that highlighted his natural warmth and wit. Following a triumphant victory on America’s Got Talent and his first-ever primetime TV special, Mat Franco’s Got Magic, Franco is now headlining his own show, MAGIC REINVENTED NIGHTLY at The LINQ Hotel + Experience in Las Vegas, an improvisation-fueled stage production offering boundless fun and a stunning sense of thrill and wonder.


Nightly Met Opera Streams

In an effort to continue providing opera to its audience members, the Met Opera will host “Nightly Met Opera Streams” to audiences worldwide.

These free streams will present encores of past performances from its famed Live in HD series. The encore presentations will begin at 4:30 p.m. PST each night on the company’s official website and will then be available for an additional 20 hours thereafter. Each showcase will also be viewable on the Met Opera on demand apps.


PJ Chicken Butt

Read along with PJ Our Way author Erica S. Perl as she does story-time with one of her fan favorites: CHICKEN BUTT!


Build a Fort

Keep the family fun going and check out this video from our JCC Experts series on how to build a fort.