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JewEL (Jewish Emerging Leaders) is the Young Adult Division of JewishNevada that connects young Jewish adults ages 22-45 to the Jewish Community through Social Events and Professional Networking, Educational Opportunities, Leadership Development, Community Service Programs, Philanthropy and Tzedakah.

Hillel Las Vegas is the Center of Jewish Student Life for the Vegas Valley, serving UNLV, CSN, and the entire city. We provide college students the opportunity to explore their Jewish identity through their faith, culture, community, history, and connection to the land of Israel. Whether you're interested in FREE TRIPS TO ISRAEL, social activities, tikum olam (community service projects), or Jewish education, Hillel has something to offer you.

Volunteering allows you to connect with your community, helping out with even the smallest tasks can make a real difference to an organizations needs and the lives of people. See how you can help make a difference in the lives of someone in need by Clicking Here

Shalom Baby is designed to welcome newborns and their families to our Jewish Community. Thanks to a generous grant from the Brenden Mann Foundation, expectant families that sign up for Shalom Baby receive a special diaper bag filled with kiddush cup, candle sticks, a tzedakah box, and a Shabbat board book. 

PJ Library® is a unique program that seeks to encourage Jewish families with young children to explore Jewish literature.  In order to accomplish that goal, each month The PJ Library® sends an age appropriate Jewish content book or CD to enrolled children between the ages of six months to eight years. Created by The Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF). PJ Library is available in Las Vegas thanks to the generosity of JewishNevada.

Moishe House is “to provide a meaningful Jewish experiences for young Jewish adults around the world by supporting leaders in their 20s as they create vibrant home-based Jewish communities for themselves and their peers.  We envision Moishe House as the global leader of pluralistic Jewish life for Jewish young adults by facilitating a wide range of experiences so that they have the leadership, knowledge and community to enrich their Jewish journeys.”



Across the country, close to 30 percent of all gifts to Jewish Federation campaigns are made by women. Here in Las Vegas, that number is even more significant. Year after year, Women's Philanthropy giving is the fastest-growing component of our annual campaign, representing almost 50 percent of all our donors.