Full Time

ECC Director for Midbar Kodesh

Midbar Kodesh Temple 1940 Paseo Verde Parkway , Henderson NV

Midbar Kodesh Temple seeks an experienced Director of Early Childhood Education (ECC) with a passion for working with young children and their families; as individual who exhibits vision, integrity, and strong interpersonal skills; an educational leader who demonstrates warmth and creativity. The Director serves as a role model for the Early Childhood Jewish education, sharing Midbar Kodesh Temple's commitment to Jewish learning, practice and values, and community. The Director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the ECC including, but not limited to, those described below.

About Midbar Kodesh Temple

Midbar Kodesh Temple is located in the Green Valley area of Henderson, Nevada. We are a diverse community where our members learn with depth, find inspiration for lives through worship, and join in an inclusive community of people who are dedicated to making the world a better place through social action. Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome to worship. Learn and celebrate together.

Position Description

The Director of Early Childhood Center (ECC) will oversee an engaging environment of 45-50 children, ages 18 months through Pre-K, through a play-based developmentally appropriate curriculum. The Director is responsible for the hiring and mentoring of teachers and teacher assistants in the ECC. The recruitment, registration and retention of families is an integral responsibility of the Director. The Director is responsible for the 9-month school year, August-May and a seven-week camp, June- July.

Job Description

  • Essential Job Duties/Responsibilities
    • Families
      • Maintain positive, trusting relationship with parents, children, and staff in accordance with Jewish values of the Preschool program and the synagogue
      • Recruit, tour, and support families in the pre-school enrollment
      • Welcome potential families to the program
      • Facilitate proactive communication with parents
      • Support the integration of families into activities of the Midbar Kodesh Temple.
    • Leadership

      • Implement the vision and mission of the preschool in conjunction with the synagogue

      • Use leadership skills to educate, inspire and empower staff to implement best practices in Jewish early childhood education

      • Keep abreast of current research in the field of Jewish and early childhood education

      • Plan, facilitate and promote professional development experiences for teachers

      • Enhancement and maintenance of positive relationships with teachers and families

      • Implement school philosophy

      • Fostering a nurturing, inclusive and engaging natural environment

    • Administration
      • Direct all aspects of the preschool including, curriculum, supervision, and administration

      • Working with ECC coordinator, synagogue office manager, administrative coordinator, synagogue treasurer, and synagogue president on the following:

        • Licensing

        • Tuition payments and updates

        • Budget and future infrastructure improvements

        • Communication with Constant Contact; assistance with carline when necessary

      • Oversee classroom management
      •  Oversight of growth program; informing beginning families of Right Start/Jewish Nevada

      • Work with staff on appropriate assessment for children

      • Maintain clear communication

      • Recruitment, supervision and mentoring of teachers

      • Strong time management/organizational skills

      • Conduct yearly evaluations of all personnel, including formal classroom observations, and supervision of all teachers

      • Uphold Nevada Licensing ensuring full compliance with state policies as well as state standards and regulations, and requirements including licensing, safety, and sanitation

      • Train staff in emergency procedures

      • Proficiency in the use of desktop and mobile productivity tools and technology

  • Other Duties as assigned
    • Education and Experience
    • B.A. Degree in Education
    • 12 semester units of Early Childhood Education (child development; child, family, and community; preschool curriculum)
    • Coursework in Preschool Administration
    • 4+ years of preschool teaching experience managing and /or leading significant synagogue or other non-profit operations
      • Or experience as a licensed administrator of a K-5 elementary school with a Pre-K program
    • Familiarity with the most current ECE research
    • Planning skills and demonstrated ability to achieve set goals
  • Desired Attributes
    • Must be well organized and possess excellent communication skills
    • Must be able to communicate effectively with children and parents showing warmth, understanding and compassion
    • Must possess excellent listening skills, exhibit a sense of humor and be openminded
    • Must be a leader, ambassador, team player and visionary for the school
    • Works as a member of the synagogue professional team (Rabbi and Cantor) and in coordination with the Midbar Kodesh Temple president and represent the school at all Board of Directors meetings
    • Participates as necessary in the ritual life of the synagogue, specifically when the preschool programming dovetails with the synagogue ritual life
    • Ability to effectively present information in oral and written form to parents, teachers, and the Synagogue Board of Directors

Position Available: August 1, 2023

Interested in Applying: Send Resume and Cover Letter to :Wendy Roselinksy at wealrose@gmail.com or Rabbi Tecktiel at BTecktiel@midbarkodesh.org