Ramat HaNegev Bachman


Delegation to Israel

Generously funded by Alan Bachman, in 2015 the first Young Leadership Partnership Delegation took place. Since the introduction of this exchange, our two communities’ Young Adults have had multiple opportunities to interact, build connections, and have authentic cultural experiences in Las Vegas and in Israel. The Bachman Young Leadership Ramat HaNegev Delegation is a program that aims to deepen the connection between emerging and current leaders in the Jewish communities here in Nevada and in Ramat HaNegev Israel. Through group travel in Jewish Nevada’s partnership region, these Young Leaders will deepen their Jewish identity, while inspiring participants to connect more deeply to Jewish Nevada’s work in Israel, and specifically in Ramat HaNegev, Jewish Nevada’s Partner Community in Israel. The program will provide leadership development, Israel education, and the opportunity to learn with a cohort of Israelis from our partnership region in Ramat HaNegev. This 10-day trip to Israel is designed for 6-8 emerging and current leaders between the ages of 25-40.


Having this partnership to Las Vegas and to Ramat HaNegev embodies the spirit of Jewish culture, and promotes strong connections between the State of Israel and Nevada. Together, we’re creating a brighter future for the next generation.


Our two communities share ideas, strengths, challenges and models of success; and empower one another to generate waves of change. But the impact of these projects go far beyond the community level—each of us has the opportunity to become directly and personally involved. 


If you are interested in participating in this year’s delegation, please review Jewish Nevada’s application criteria:  

Applicant Criteria:
• You have not traveled to Israel as an adult in the past 5 years (with the exception of Birthright)
• You are between the ages of 25-40 years old at the time of application
• You currently reside in Nevada
• You are Jewish or actively going through conversion
• You are available to participate in four sessions held prior to and after the trip
  (December 6, 2017 - May 2018, exact dates TBD)
• You have the ability to participate in the Israel trip (March exact dates TBD each year; commitment of 10 days)
• You are willing and able to share your Israel experience with others in the local community upon return
• You are willing and able to explore opportunities for leadership level involvement in Jewish Nevada
• You are currently involved in the community (secular or Jewish) or have aspirations for leadership
    within the Jewish community
• You will contribute $500 to the Campaign for Jewish Needs above and beyond your typical annual gift.



CLICK HERE to apply!


"First and foremost, I would like to thank Jewish Nevada for the experience of my life. As a convert to Judaism this trip brought me closer to and increased my understanding of the Jewish faith and its people.I am forever grateful for this experience. Joey, being able to take a dip into the Mikveh in Ein Akev and reciting a prayer was divine. The partnership we have with Ramat HaNegev is vital. We as a Jewish community here in Las Vegas need to continue to grow and nurture this relationship. I have so much to say but I will close with this, Israel is forever in my heart and I will defend it until my last days on earth. Thank you to all involved for making this delegation trip a success."


- Joey Reyes, New Jewish Nevada Young Leaders Board Member and March 2017 Bachman Young Leadership Delegate



For more information about Ramat HaNegev Bachman Delegation to Israel contact Megan Weintraub at Megan@jewishnevada.org 

Ramat HaNegev Partnership


In 2011 Jewish Nevada and Ramat HaNegev partnered together to develop and continue Nevada’s deep history of an unwavering support for Israel. This partnership is extremely meaningful to the Jewish community in Nevada, and continues the tradition of building a solid foundation for the future generations in Israel. The foundation of our partnership together is building strong people-to-people connections between our two regions.


Our Partnership mission is to leverage social, human, and financial resources to inspire community engagement and development by investing in relationships, education, culture, and community-building initiatives.


The Ramat HaNegev Regional Council is located in Southern Israel in the heart of the Negev Desert. It consists of 21 percent of Israel’s geographical area, with a population of more than 7,000 Jewish citizens living in 13 different Kibbutzim, Joint Communities, and religious and secular micro-communities. Ramat HaNegev is a world leader in advanced agriculture, outdoor activities, desert and water conversation research, solar energy technology and much more. If you want to experience the Zionist dream, Ramat HaNegev is the place to be. The council’s ties with the Institute of Desert Studies in Nevada and other professional entities was enacted, in order to strengthen the ties between both communities. This connection creates eminence potential for further expansion of the partnership to include the fields of education, agriculture and tourism. Click here to learn more about the Ramat HaNegev Region (link to regional council website: http://rng.org.il/en/ofrom-the-mayor/communities/)


At the begging of our Partnership, the Davis Family established a scholarship fund for students which would enhance their involvement and active life in the Ramat HaNegev community, in return for a substantial university scholarship. In doing so, many students were able to experience and create a stronger connection with Israel and deepen social and educational relationships within the community. In 2017, more than 120 students were in attendance at the sixth annual Davis Family Scholarship Ceremony.


Additionally, as part of the Partnership, the Solomon Family launched “A Place to Grow” at the local elementary school Mashabim. This program allows students to learn outdoors in a fun and interactive environment. Jewish Nevada is proud to be a part of a program that enables the region’s youth to develop strong connections to Israel during adolescence which ensures a positive relationship with Israel.


Together, our two communities, are working together to foster a deeper commitment to Israel and the Jewish People while enriching the quality of life.


For more information about Nevada’s partnership with Ramat HaNegev contact Julia Franks at Julia@jewishnevada.org