Birthright Israel Blogs July 2014 - Day 3


by: Marissa Godorov

Today I awoke from a very deep and restful sleep. It was still Shabbat. We were informed last night that breakfast was optional this morning, but knowing me, I was definitely going to wake up early to eat. I woke up at 8:45am, went downstairs in my comfy pajamas, and quickly ran back up to the room to get ready for a walk. I wasn't exactly sure where this walk was to, but the tour guide nonchalantly mentioned that it would be hot. Everyone eventually met up in the lobby to embark on today's first adventure. So we start walking, and to where? I didn't know. We keep walking.. And walking.. And it is not hot. It is scorching. It is more humid than any place I have ever experienced. Let's just say, that by the time our group got up to the top of a lookout point, it was as if we had all jumped into a pool.

The lookout was worth it, though! We took pictures with the breath taking view of the city behind us, followed by story time by our inspirational tour guide.

We then went back to the hotel, ate a quick lunch, and reconvened at the roof top of the hotel to have swim time. My goodness, this place is incredible.

A roof top pool in Israel, with a crystal clear view of the city, all enjoyed with family and new friends! What more could a girl ask for? The pool was so much fun. It was invigorating to dip into the perfectly temperate water, while making jokes and laughing with everyone.

It's funny because my cousin, Devon, who also joined me on this trip, swam over to me in the pool and came clean about his guilt for teasing me with his sister, Danielle, when we were kids. He told me that he remembers this particular time when we were over at our grandparent's house. Danielle and Devon teased me so badly that I curled up into a little ball and cried. I was so young, that I didn't even remember them doing that, which is probably a good thing! We laughed it off, and then everyone got out of the pool so we could get ready for the evening.

So far, this day has been relaxing and it's nice to be able to have the day of rest to collect thoughts and appreciate the joys of life around us.



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