Church Arson in Israel

The following email was sent by our Jewish Federation to Pastors David & Vicki Shearin, Co-Directors of Christians United for Israel in Southern Nevada, following an arson attack against the Church of the Multiplication in Israel.

Dear Pastor David & Pastor Vicki,

I am certain you read this article in today's Las Vegas Review Journal.  I am hopeful you, your congregants and the members of CUFI in Southern Nevada know that the vast and overwhelming majority of Israelis (as well as almost the entirety of our Las Vegas Jewish community) find this act of arson to be despicable and deplorable.  Hatred, prejudice and violence against any sacred and holy church, mosque or synagogue is never to be tolerated; most especially within the Holy Land and State of Israel; and that all forms of bigotry and hatred are to be denounced.  I remain confident that Israeli law enforcement authorities will identify and arrest those responsible for this hateful act of intolerance; and that they will be brought to justice swiftly and be held accountable for their actions.

I recall with great fondness our visit to the Church of the Multiplication during our trip to Israel only a few short years ago; and how moving that visit was for me personally as you and the other pastors joined in song and prayer.  I hope and pray, together with you, that our songs and prayer will once again rise over the Church, our beloved State of Israel and indeed the entire world to help usher in a new era of understanding, tolerance and peace.


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