Faye Steinberg- a true visionary leader

Jewish Nevada Women’s Philanthropy is United


There have been several changes, events, and shifts throughout the 51 years of the Jewish Federation in Nevada - many of them positive.  One of the few constants in all those years has been the impact that Women have had on our community.  In every facet of our Jewish lives in Nevada, Women have been at the center of the conversation and have often served as the catalyst for much of the rich Jewish life that we enjoy today. 


On Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 11:30am, Jewish Nevada’s Women’s Philanthropy will hold its United Luncheon. You can register for the luncheon by clicking here or by clicking on the picture at the top of this article.


The purpose of the United Luncheon is to celebrate the impact that Women have made in our community. It is an affirmation that Women philanthropists are among the leading change-makers and community-shapers of our community. They are our sisters and daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and friends, compassionate and committed women at every stage of life and career. 


There is another purpose to this years United Luncheon; to honor one of the Women in our community who has been a true visionary leader – Mrs. Faye Steinberg.


As our Federation and community evolve, it is important to recognize the foundation that Faye has laid for our current group of leadership (both men and women). Faye Steinberg truly embodies everything that Jewish Nevada Women’s Philanthropy represents - engaging Jewish women in the fulfilling work of making the world a better place and building and supporting Jewish life for today and for generations to come.


It is my hope that the Women of our Jewish Community will consider attending the United Event, celebrating the impact that Women’s Philanthropy has made in our community, and honoring the dedication and commitment of Fay Steinberg.



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