Friend of Israel…Volunteers at Las Vegas Senior Lifeline…Priceless

Las Vegas Senior Lifeline is a non-denominational program of the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas. The mission is to provide compassionate care to frail, lower-income seniors with resources to enable them to remain living independently in their own homes.

“In order to maintain operations of the program, we must leverage resources from a variety of sources,” noted Lisa Popovsky, Director of Las Vegas Senior Lifeline. “These include federal, state, and local governments; public and private grants; business partnerships; monetary and in-kind donations; and volunteer time.”

Popovsky went on to share, “We have grown to depend on a few core groups of volunteers.  The Friends of Israel volunteers are just such a blessing to our program. They not only help with the operational side of the congregate meal, by serving and cleaning up, but they sit and have conversations with the seniors.  They have made strong connections; the seniors really look forward to them coming every month, and so does our staff.”

The mission of The Friends of Israel is focused. They are a worldwide Christian ministry communicating biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah, while fostering solidarity with the Jewish people and Israel.

G'sherim is a nine-month internship program for young adults, hosted by The Friends of Israel. Hebrew for “Bridges,” G'sherim is a challenging, life-changing opportunity for young people to receive hands-on experience building bridges with the Jewish community and Evangelical Christian community.

Participants are involved with volunteer work throughout the Jewish community, doing work projects for Holocaust survivors, leading Old Testament Bible studies, presenting the feasts of Israel, and using their personal talents for ministry.

“In addition to volunteering at the congregate meal I have made last minute special requests when no other services can be located,” said Popovsky. “Last month we had an 84-year-old blind client that had to move without notice. This move was on the day his wife came home for hospice care. With love and compassion, they helped him pack the items in his “home” on the third floor of a Budget Suites and move into a first floor unit.”

“The following day, the client called to thank us for coordinating this help.  He told me about all the things he and the volunteers had talked about together that day.  Conversations about soccer, strong legs, different flavors of tea and stories from his youth.  These were conversations that helped distract him from the pain and hardship he was enduring.”

“I’m sure these simple conversations had more meaning to this client than they could have ever imagined.  To me, and to this client, what they provided was priceless.”

Las Vegas Senior Lifeline is located in the Alice and Harry L. Goldberg Senior Center, an inviting social, educational and informational center for senior adults.


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