From Jerusalem to Nice


Today is Friday, which means that you are receiving my weekly email which usually includes themes of people-hood, community, and other random thoughts that enter my head.  Today, instead of pontificating about the things that we do well or those on which we need to improve, I wanted to send a short message.

I am writing you today from a bus heading to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.  As I am reading about the attack in Nice, it is clear that terror and death seem to be everywhere and almost overwhelming.  One again, our hearts break, and once again it is for the people of France.  There simply are no words that one can write or that one can say to express the fear, frustration, confusion, and - yes - anger, that these senseless attacks create.  All that we can do is make an effort to come together, to pray for the dead and injured, and for their families.  May full justice be sought for those who would do them harm.

Wishing you a wonderful and peaceful Shabbat.



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