Hand in Hand (eaj b' eaj) Mentoring Project at the Orly Absorption Center

Dear Pastor David and Pastor Vicki

I just received the following emails from the Jewish Agency for Israel  regarding the special “Hand in Hand” Mentor Program at the Orly Absorption Center in Arad which Christians United For Israel has generously funded this year.  I think you will appreciate the significance of the program when you read Danielle’s message; as well as enjoying the photographs provided. 

Thank you so much for your generous contribution making this special program possible!  Todah Rabah!

Yours truly,

Elliot Karp 

We named it Hand in Hand (in Amharic Eaj b' Eaj).  The project was launched on Monday of this week with a moving event that brought to the center some 47 families for which Orly was their first home in Israel. The families of veteran olim who nowadays live all throughout Israel – north to south, were thrilled to come and be matched with the current olim families at the center in order to serve as their mentors in the challenging transition of moving to independent life in Israel.

As proposed, the project will mostly consist of workshops and trainings for the olim preparing to move on. Some of the workshops will be jointly attended by the veteran olim and the newer ones. 

One of the highlights of the event, was an exhibit of photos taken by the olim youth as part of a photography class. Below is a link to drobox where you can view and download the photos at high resolution. If the Las Vegas community would want to do something with them for the next CUFI event that would be great.  Attached are some pictures from the event which took place this past Monday at Orly Arad.  Please do thank CUFI and your leadership!  This event was the first of its kind and the project itself is very unique – thanks to you!  These past months, with lower numbers of new olim from Ethiopia, have given us more opportunity to focus on the "higher" needs of the olim and develop ways of meeting them.  There is a distinct advantage to this. Knowing that in the coming months the Government is likely to approve the Aliyah of some 5000 more, we will once again have the challenges of initial Klita. At that point, we will strive to balance the answers we provide the new olim, with those of the more veteran ones.




Danielle Mor

Director of Development

Aliyah, Absorption and Special Operations Unit


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