JewEL Co-Chair Spotlight

Now that summer has settled and the New Year is under way, JewEL is thrilled to be back at it, engaging the young Jewish community of Las Vegas!  We are beyond honored and excited to be your Co-Chairs this year, and we are blessed to have a JewEL Board with many new faces and fresh ideas to bring to this year's programming!

JewEL has seen unimaginable growth in the last few years, reaching hundreds of Jewish young adults across the Las Vegas community.  We are overjoyed to bring new and improved programs, events, educational opportunities, community updates, and connections to Jewish life to the next year.  

This will be a year of innovation, a year of bigger and better; a year of trying new things.  For the first time, we will have a delegation of six Israeli fellows staying in our homes to learn about Jewish life in Las Vegas.  With that, we will host our first Good Shabbos Las Vegas at Congregation Ner Tamid!  Our Leadership Engagement and Development Series is anticipated to be the largest yet.  Happy Hours have reached 100 guests and are hosted at top locations across the city.  JewEL will be offering more volunteer projects throughout the year, giving back to the community more than ever before.  Together we are building something amazing, so whether you are a new face, or a returning, we hope you will get involved and come make memories with us!

Love and Light,

Sarah Steinberg and Jen Specter  


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