JFLV CEO Weekly Message - A short phrase with big implications!

What if I told you that you can invest in an insurance policy that will ensure that your children will grow up in a thriving Jewish community, your elders will receive the care that they need, your community will provide multi-generational opportunities for Jewish education and engagement, and that needs will be proactively monitored and addressed?  Would you invest in such an insurance policy?  Fortunately there is such an insurance policy, it is called The Jewish Federation Campaign for Jewish Needs (a.k.a. the Annual Campaign), and I proudly offer you the opportunity to invest.

Aside from the insurance analogy, there is a higher meaning and imperative for the Campaign for Jewish Needs.  The phrase Kol yisrael arevim zeh bazeh, meaning all of Israel are responsible for each other.  This phrase is the basis of the notion of communal responsibility in Jewish law.  Kol Yisrael implies an obligation on all Jews to ensure that other Jews have their basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter.  Simply by virtue of being a Jew one is responsible for the well-being of other Jews, and vice versa.  This philosophy and obligation are the engine and the imperative that drive the work of the Jewish Federation.  

I don't want to sound "Isolationist" but the fact is that throughout our history we - Jews - have found ourselves alone against the world.  We have seen that the best friend of the Jewish community is, in fact, the Jewish community.  We can not isolate ourselves from the community simply due to geography, political affiliation, or other superficial reasons.  In modern times the Holocaust demonstrated the reality of Jewish isolation, and modern Israel, irrespective of its political leaders, continues to experience such isolation and the need for Jewish self-sufficiency, and Jews in Europe and other places around the world continue to feel more isolated by the day.

Today, in Las Vegas, we are not so isolated.  We have synagogues that represent every stream of Judaism, Jewish schools, and community agencies.  Our political leaders (some of whom are Jewish) openly attend Jewish events and express support for our community.  New Jewish owned businesses are started and thrive.   I would argue that no Jewish community has ever had it as good as we have it today in North America.  The problem is that this success can cause us to become myopic in our view of the needs that persist.  The fact is that there are still Jews, in Southern Nevada, who are not able to experience the greatness of our community.  They are home bound elderly, Holocaust survivors, children with special needs, families with crushing economic circumstances, and others with a myriad of circumstances.  These community members should need not look any further than their own Jewish community for support.  This is the role of the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas and the Campaign for Jewish Needs.

The Jewish Federation is the insurance policy that guarantees that Jews in our community and around the world have a place to turn for support.  The Federation enables our community to fulfill our collective commitment to Kol Yisrael.  In concert with our local and global partners, the Federation ensures that Jews in Southern Nevada don't feel isolated from their community. We are literally and simultaneously providing for the needs of Jews around the world and around the corner. 

So this is your opportunity to invest in our Jewish insurance policy of Kol Yisrael.  Please consider making a commitment to the Jewish Federation Campaign for Jewish Needs by clicking here.  Please also note that through the generosity of the Adelson Family Foundation, every new and increased gift will be matched dollar for dollar.  Thank you very much for considering this offer and I welcome your thoughts at todd@jewishlasvegas.com.


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