JFSA Senior Services Story


M.R is an 89 year old Holocaust Survivor born in Paris, France.  She has no family or friends living in Las Vegas.  M.R was receiving services from JFSA for several years which included Home Care, Food, Transportation and more.  In August of 2014 M.R experienced a stroke.  After her hospital stay she was moved to a rehab/nursing facility.  She spent seven months in rehab.  JFSA visited M.R at her rehab on a weekly basis coordinating services and advocating for her care.  After consulting with her doctors, Physical Therapists and occupational therapists she was advised she will not be able to return home and live independently unless she received 24 hour care. JFSA coordinated visits from the Aging and Disability services and FOCIS. Based on early intakes M.R was advised that even with Medicaid assistance she will not have 24 hour care.  M.R decided to release herself against Medical Advice and returned to her apartment.  JFSA coordinated services with RAMP home modifications to install railings in her shower, and bathroom.  JFSA purchased an emergency alert button for M.R.  She was assessed and started receiving Home Care services through JFSA as soon as she returned home.   Her prescriptions were transferred to a pharmacy that delivered to her home.  An OT visited her to make an assessment on home safety.  M.R was referred to the Nevada Division of Aging for their waiver program.  She was assessed and approved for 20.5 hours of homecare services through Medicaid. M.R is currently living at home independently.  She receives close monitoring from JFSA with almost daily phone calls.  She participates in socialization events, receives assistance with food, transportation and advocacy.   With the help of JFSA M.R has been able to return to the home she has lived in for more than 10 years.  She is surrounded by her beloved artwork and personal belongings and can continue to live her life with dignity.


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