LEADS Retreat - The 1st Step in our Journey

A perfect way to start a Jewish new year:

  • Wake up really early on Sunday (8:30 considered really early on a day off),
  • Put on really (not comfortable, but who cares) fabulous high hills,
  • Drive 20 min to a futuristic building with night club lights.

All of this to spend 3 hours of my life with Jewish people (as if I don’t have enough of it at home).

The first smile that welcomed me at the door belongs to a blond, up beat lady, the one and only – Marni! I didn’t quite know what to expect, but something told me this day is going to be very special. It’s hard to describe what we experienced in those short hours. We talked about Matza ball soup, Shabbat candles, Abraham, Yom Kippur and Israel. With every minute that passed I felt more and more at home.

One of the questions we were asked was: “what would we like to achieve during the LEADS course?” While everyone were giving their answers, I looked around the room, there were 27 different people, 27 worlds, that came from different places, families, ages, and yet all of us will laugh from a good Jewish mom joke.

In my eyes, this is the source of our power as Jewish leaders: The willingness to invest time, effort and love in different projects, and the desire to make a difference in the world that we live in.

A very smart man once said: “we won’t complete the task in our life time, but we will surely leave our mark.”

A perfect way to start a Jewish new year: Spend 3 hours with new brothers and sisters, planning how to leave a remarkable mark on the world  

May we all have a blessed new year,

With all my Love, 

Rachel Agai


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