My First GA

Attending my first GA was a truly inspirational experience.  There were so many phenomenal speakers that touched my heart and truly reinforced why I am involved so heavily in our Jewish community.  There was an overarching theme behind all of the stories, messages, workshops, and conversation.  It was about the inclusivity of the Jewish people and culture.  It reminded me of the Emma Lazarus poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.  There was no doubt our community was shouting the same ideas for all to hear.  “Give us your religious, your secular, your young or old; your families, couples, singles.  Give us your men, women, children; your transgender individual, your gays, lesbians, and bisexuals.”  At the core of all of us, is Judaism.  The message was to come as you are because together, we are a unified people.  Together as Jews, we will follow through with the morals, values, and guiding principles that make us who we are.  We will continue to fight to rid the world of injustice beginning with our people but most certainly not ending there.         

-Sarah Steinberg

Chair, JewEL Board 


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