Ramat HaNegev Young Adult Delegation - Day 1

I’ve never seen so many smiling faces at 4am! The delegation of 7 young adults from Las Vegas met, including Azin Azma, Amy Rose, Marissa Spivak, Marni Unger, Robert Wank, David Gould, and Romeo Razi, at Terminal 3 at McCarren Airport ready for a week long trip to our sister community in Israel,Ramat HaNegev (RHN).

After 18 hours of travel we arrived in the land of milk and honey. We were greeted at Ben-Gurion Airport by Todd Polikoff (JFLV CEO), Laurence and Joan Davis, and Jared White (Partnership Coordinator in Ramat HaNegev). We immediately headed to the south where our first stop was to the RHN regional council offices. There we learned about the region, the population, and basic information about where we are going to be spending the next week.

After checking pinto our lovely accommodations, we headed to Ben Gurion’s grave where we had a wreath laying ceremony and learned about the first ever prime minister of Israel.

We then had a delicious dinner at the local pub where we met the Young Adults who live in Ramat HaNegev. As soon as we got back to the house, we fell into a deep sleep after a long day and jet lag. The beginning of something amazing….

-Marni Unger


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