"Thank you to all who made this gift possible for me"

My name is Golda and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and to all those made this gift possible for me to allow me to go to overnight summer camp.

I went to Gan Yisroel West which is located in North Fork, CA in the mountains very close to Bass Lake. 

I would like to share with you some of my highlights of what I enjoyed in camp-

I went swimming in a lake almost every day - it was called Lake Manzanita, and honestly it felt quite funny to be swimming in the same water as ducks and fish. Sometimes we went boating in another lake, and that was exciting!

Something new that I did that helped me overcome my fears was horseback riding! We were taught how to care for the horse and ride and mount it. It was fun! The first horse I rode was named Grumpy - boy was he grumpy! The next horse I rode was named Bear because he looked like a bear, he was real fun to ride on. The last horse I rode on was named Dale and I went on a trail with him- he was a great horse. 

At camp, we learned art from a real art teacher! She was amazing and I found out that I had a great skill with art that I've not seen in me yet. We made 'eyes' using charcoal, and other cool drawings using oil pastels.

Every morning after breakfast we had an interesting Jewish Studies class, with the learning director.

On Friday night, all the girls lit Shabbos candles in the lunchroom, which gave it a special glow, and then after the meal, the campers sang songs late into the night.

What was a highlight of the week being the trips. They were awesome and fun! We went bowling, arcading, trampoline park and other fun trips.

Thank You for giving me the opportunity to go to Gan Yisroel West. It made a difference to me.  



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