UNLV Hillel Celebrates Sukkot on Campus 2015

The Hillel Jewish Student Center of UNLV and Chabad of UNLV celebrated Sukkot on the UNLV Campus outside of the student union with students, faculty, and the community on Wednesday, Sep 30.  The event started early in the morning with the construction of the Sukkah, and was followed with a Kosher BBQ for the Jewish community of UNLV.

“It is so great to see this on campus,” said UNLV student and Hillel Student Board Member, Elan Adivi.  “Having this presence is important, not only for the members of Chabad and Hillel, but for the Jewish community on campus to be able to see that we are here and they have the opportunity to connect.  Plus, the free food definitely helps when reaching out to college students!”

While the Kosher BBQ was only scheduled for Wednesday, The UNLV Events Services Department worked with Chabad and Hillel to keep the Sukkah up for the remainder of the week.  This allowed for various educational programs and social events to be held in the Sukkah throughout the holiday.  Thursday afternoon saw a social hangout for students to come and relax in between classes, with educational programing taking place in the late afternoon.  The same was seen Friday afternoon, with the students disassembling the Sukkah before Shabbat.

For more information about Hillel please contact Matthew Kramer-Morning, Director at 715 212 6311 or for information about Chabad at UNLV please contact Rabbi Tzvi Bronchtain, Director at 702 635 1656.


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