Weizmann Institute International Physics

Dear Elliot, 

I would like to offer my gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the physics tournament.  Our trip certainly wouldn't have been possible without the generous contribution from The Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, and you have my sincerest thanks.  My goal was to place and our team succeeded in doing so.  This year, I was able to take three juniors and two seniors.  As soon as the competition had finished, my juniors were already at work making plans and brainstorming for next year.  I am currently attempting to obtain district approval so that we may return again, and more importantly, can conduct fundraising over the summer.

Touring Israel was wonderful, and I have been missing the hummus for a week!  As Americans, many of us live in a protective bubble of ignorance and many never leave the country.  However, as an educator, it's important to prepare students for the world, and exposing them to the realities of that world, both positive and negative, is paramount.  This trip offered a unique opportunity for our students to experience a new country, culture and history.  From speaking with a Jewish Arab guard who had been made an outcast, to hearing the plight of a Bedouin woman who obtained a college degree and made a movie about her tribe, to seeing a political demonstration in the Western Wall Plaza, our experiences were both life changing and memorable.  

This combined with the academic rigor of the physics competition leaves no doubt in my mind the importance of competing again next year.  I was able to befriend both our tour guide and guard and have been maintaining contact with them since my return to the United States.  If able to obtain district approval, I may need some help as far as contacts in Israel and was curious if you would be interested in assisting me with that next year.

Thank you so much again for this wonderful opportunity.  I have attached a few photos of my students for you.  Also, if you are interested, here is a link to the solution of our safe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo0LPEVLH6A

With Best Regards,

Sara Quintana

Aerospace Engineering and Robotics

Rancho High School

Nevada Association for Career and Technical Education

Southern Nevada Science Teachers Association

Southern Nevada Mathematics Council


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