Women's Philanthropy Chair Visits Sister City Ramat HaNegev

I spent the day today in Ramat HaNegev, our "sister" city, though it is 22% of the whole of Israel, and much more than a "city."  But, I digress.   I see that my schedule was filled so that there was little time to rest.  Although I could rest right now, I want to be sure I get my thoughts down.  So, briefly, before the night activities start, let me reiterate what we did today.  

First, a breakfast was delivered comparable to the best hotels in the Israeli world; and of course I could not eat even half.  The photos taken appear that I could lose a pound or two or more.  If not attached, they will be later.    

Our first stop was to Mashabim School and met many of their administrators and of course, their Principal, Shlomit and a few students.  Local Las Vegas donors have assisted the students with an Eco Park, a gardening and green house facility providing a sense of pride in the children's learning - program is called "A Place to Grow".  Since it is about children learning how to sustain their futures through growing food, it is a perfect name.  

This was followed by our visit to the Agricultural Research Center, where I had delicious cherry tomatoes, peppers and amazed at what our little country can produce and has been teaching other countries, like Viet Nam, Myanmar, Laos, and others, how to make sustainable water; not to mention an herb called Scalifornia.  It was quite good.  I must thank Etzion

Before the morning ended I had the opportunity to chat with a beautiful young woman, Moria Ben Ami who is a Davis Scholarship Recipient and who has so much to offer, in part, because of the kindness of the Davis Family, but mostly because she took the opportunity and not only started her own non-profit at 25 years old, but also continues to work with her sister communities, in building bridges.  

We had a lovely lunch where I met Adva's husband, David, and off to the Ben Gurion grave and lookout over the Wadi Senz (?) which I thought was pretty incredible until I went later to the Rimon Crater.  Both of these locations rival the Grand Canyon in a different way.  

-Fran Fine Ventura, Women's Philanthropy Chair  


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