24 2016

Chabad of Green Valley - JLI Torah Studies, Season 3: Lesson Four

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson 10870 S. Eastern Ave
Suite 104
Henderson, NV 89052

Contact Georgia Horesh

Season Three of JLI Torah Studies continues with Lesson Four: The Man in the Cave - The Story Behind The Kabbalah
The Zohar is an important text of the Kabbalah, revealing the depths of creation and secrets of the Torah. This biographical sketch will shed light on the life and times of its author, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. What is the story of this great sage, and what can we learn from him?
The JLI Torah Studies program brings a series of text and discussion based classes weekly – each delving further into the parshah. The lessons will challenge and engage you intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally, while exploring contemporary issues through a Torah perspective. Each class stands on its own individual session, focusing on a single parshah and concept, so attendance to all the classes is not mandatory. The classes are free with an optional text book for $20.

Sponsor: Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson