11 2016

Chabad of Green Valley - JLI Torah Studies, Season 3: Lesson Two

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson 10870 S. Eastern Ave
Suite 104
Henderson, NV 89052

Contact Georgia Horesh

Season Three continues with Lesson Two: The Fifth Commandment
Beyond Honoring Parents
While honoring your parents may seem like a basic social ideal, it is in fact an obligation to G-d. But why should two human beings deserve unconditional love and respect? Remembering G-d’s role in creating a child gives new meaning to the nature of this commandment.
The JLI Torah Studies program brings a series of text and discussion based classes weekly – each delving further into the parshah. The lessons will challenge and engage you intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally, while exploring contemporary issues through a Torah perspective. Each class stands on its own individual session, focusing on a single parshah and concept, so attendance to all the classes is not mandatory. The classes are free with an optional text book for $20.

Sponsor: Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson