8 2017

Temple Sinai Young Adults "Out the Dor"

6:00PM - 10:15PM  

Temple Sinai 9001 Hillpointe Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89134
702-254-5110 EXT. 106 (Phone)
702-254-0997 (Fax)

Contact Heather Klein
702-254-5110 ext 106 (Phone)
702-254-0997 (Fax)

Temple Sinai's new young adult group "Out the Dor", will meet on Friday, September 8th at 6 pm at Temple Sinai for some light food and to attend Friday Night Live, our innovative camp style Shabbat service. Come socialize at 8:15 pm when we will be hosting food and game tickets in the bar area at Dave and Buster’s in Downtown Summerlin. See you there!