3 2020

JLI: Secrets of the Bible

6:30PM - 8:00PM  

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$ Cost $ 89.00

A lush garden...a snake...forbidden fruit...temptation...the sin of knowledge...shame...mortality...
What is really going on?

Revisit six seemingly absurd stories you likely remember from Hebrew school. Uncover their hidden themes and eye-opening insights into the mysteries of life.
~ What is the deeper meaning behind these stories?
~ How did they shape the Jewish worldview?
~ What wisdom do they hold for you today?

Sign up for a thought-provoking experience, sure to deepen your understanding of Judaism and enrich your life!

We will move the first lesson to Monday, November 2nd to avoid conflicting with Election Night. Use promo code 2020 for a 20% discount! The course will be offered on Zoom. There is also room for a limited number of people to attend in person. Please contact us for that option. If you are joining in person, RSVP for exact address.

Sponsor: Funded with a Grant from Jewish Nevada