Why take an interest-free loan?

Credit Card Debt

Loan Consolidation

Adoption & Fertility

Small Business Needs

Student Expenses

Emergency Costs

Medical Expenses

Housing & Rent

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How does it work?

Are you or someone you know in need of a loan? We offer interest-free loans up to $7,500. Please review our loan guidelines and application here. Guarantors are required in advance of applying.


How can I help?

You can help by spreading the word about Hebrew Free Loans once the application is open. You can also help support future generations by donating here.


Have questions?

For more information, contact our intake partner Jewish Family Service Agency at (702) 732-0304 or email Jewish Nevada at info@jewishnevada.org.

We thank our Mishpatim Circle!

The Mishpatim Circle is a powerful giving opportunity that enables donors to help Jewish Nevada build its loan capital. Donations are used to provide interest-free loans to our Jewish community members. Donors join the Mishpatim Circle with a gift or pledge of $25,000 or more paid outright or in annual installments over a period of no more than five years. As the loans are repaid, those payments are recycled, and loaned out again. The unique recycling model provides an average loan amount of $5,000. By joining the Mishpatim Circle, you can essentially provide loans for up to five people in the first year. By year ten, that original $25,000 will have been repaid and re-loaned again, potentially generating $110,000 in loans for those who need it most. That’s a return of 440% on your donation.


No other donation model provides this kind of impact. Your gift to Hebrew Free Loan becomes a legacy gift, providing help and hope for generations to come.


Join the Circle. Call us at 702-732-0556 today.