Israel & Global Impact


Working Locally, Connecting Globally

For decades, Jewish Nevada has been committed to the welfare of Jewish people worldwide. By joining with other communities in the Federation network, and our overseas partner agencies—including the Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)—thousands of Jews in Israel and in 70 countries around the world depend on us for a lifeline of programs that provide assistance with food, housing, rescue and resettlement, and education. Federation-funded programs and services also help to educate Jewish people, revitalize Jewish programming, and rebuild communities devastated by economic hardship and acts of war and terror.

Emergency Relief and Non-Sectarian Aid

When people in Israel and around the world are in urgent need of assistance, Federation steps in to provide help, thanks to a vast infrastructure of programs and services in place every day to people of all backgrounds.

Population At-Risk

Federation is part of a larger global movement that with your support, provides for an individual's family's basic human needs including food assistance, shelter, and healthcare. Federation also helps people dealing with crisis, people of all abilities, and youth at-risk reach their full potential, including early childhood education and other social and academic enrichment opportunities.

Jewish Identity and Peoplehood

We seek to create an environment for enhancing Jewish identity in Israel and overseas, to strengthen individual and collective Jewish identity and education worldwide, linking Jewish communities and global connectedness. By highlighting and fostering a unified Jewish experience with common Jewish values among all Jews, we ensure the enduring vitality of the Jewish collective by strengthening Jewish peoplehood.

Advancing Israel

We in the integration and absorption of new immigrants to Israel. Federation encourages democratic values and promotes openness to thoughts and discourse, bridging some of the deep divides that are reflected in Israeli society today.

Israel & Overseas Committee



The Israel and Overseas Committee at Jewish Nevada is committed to ensuring that community members have a personal connection to Israel and a shared sense of Jewish peoplehood, both locally and globally.


We are always looking for individuals to get involved with our Israel and Overseas initiatives. Please contact Julia Franks at for more information.