Full Time

Care Management Specialist (CMS) JFSA

Jewish Family Service Agency 5851 W Charleston Blvd, las vegas NV

Department: Behavioral Services

Program: Breast Cancer Support

Reports to: Director of Behavioral Services

Starting $50,000/year


Under the supervision of the Director of Behavioral Services, the Care Management Specialists (CMS) act as care coordinators and managers. They evaluate and identify specific needs of the clients and create a plan to provide that care. CMS is responsible for providing case management services for individuals with breast cancer and other related conditions. CMS is expected to provide information, referrals, making decisions and act on behalf of the client, coordinating services for those who need financial assistance, mainstream benefits, social services, medical care, mental health care, and/or supporting the client move toward selfsufficiency. CMS will assist the clients with identifying barriers to their convalescence and engage in care planning that aims to link the clients to available resources, skills they need, and alleviate them from stressful life circumstances in help improving their quality of life and wellbeing. CMS is also expected to evaluate the effectiveness of the care plan and services monthly and/or as needed. 


1. Demonstrate professional responsibility in the role of Care Management Specialist (CMS).

2. Maintain compliance with applicable Federal, State, and local laws, regulations, and requirements, best practice guidelines, nationally recognized Care Guidelines, and JFSA’s policies and procedures.

3. Maintain confidentiality when interacting with clients, families, personnel, and the public.

4. Approach clients with understanding and compassion.

5. Provide services through methods, places, and times that are accessible to clients who may be working, have children, and/or may not have limited access to transportation.

6. Utilize nationally recognized Care Guidelines when considering program acceptance, follow-up care, and discharge.

7. Complete the needs assessment, individualized care plan (ICP), discharge plan, and other required paperwork within the timeframe set forth by JFSA: Behavioral Services’ policies and procedures.

8. Conduct review of immediate client needs including triage based on urgency and connect them to appropriate resources. 

9. Provide, coordinate, and assist when necessary to help clients maximize the community resources and/or other needs as indicated in ICP.

10. When appropriate, serving as a liaison between the client and social, financial, health, community, and legal services.

11. When necessary, assist clients make informed decisions by acting as their advocate regarding their medical status, health care, mental health care, and treatment options.

12. Provide ongoing case management services to assist clients obtain social services, mainstream benefits, social/emotional support, and/or as assigned by Direct of Behavioral Services.

13. When appropriate, initiate referral to appropriate providers including but not limited to psychotherapy and psychiatric services for symptom and medication management.

14. When applicable, educate clients and their families regarding community resources and help maintain their current eligible benefits and resources. Work collaboratively with members of the team and other community personnel to provide the best possible care for the clients.

15. When necessary, assess clients’ potential risk of harm, provide and develop crisis plans through appropriate interventions and referrals.

16. Provide adequate follow-up including home visit at least one (1) time per week to assess progress, additional needs, and ensure quality of care and services.

17. Work independently and assume responsibility for daily workflow, target appropriate cases, and adhere to a schedule of client contacts and visits and/or as determined by Director of Behavioral Services.

18. Function as a contributing member of a multidisciplinary team with the organization’s employees, deployed staff, volunteers, and community agencies.

19. Assure all relevant information pertaining to clients is disseminated to all appropriate staff members in a timely fashion.

20. Conform to all requirements of client’s medical insurance and other eligible benefits.

21. Review and modify ICP as client’s medical and mental status dictates. Assist client goal realization through encouragement, action plan development, and information/resource accessibility.

22. Maintain accurate progress notes, ICP, clients’ data, and other pertinent records according to HIPPA and JFSA: Behavioral Services’ policies and procedures.

23. Provide information in response to queries from the public, doctors’ offices, families, and other community agencies within a timely manner.

24. Meet and consult with other community and/or agency personnel as deemed appropriate.

25. Maintain positive relationships and networking with community partners, medical and mental health providers, clients served, caregivers, family members, and other person centered within client’s care plan.

26. Provide follow-up and support to JFSA: Behavioral Services’ volunteers.

27. Participate in staff meetings and training as directed by Director of Behavioral Services.

28. Take responsibility for meeting own learning needs.

29. Report any problems, issues, and concerns to Direct of Behavioral Services in a timely manner.

30. Utilize work time appropriately to maximize productivity.

31. Perform additional duties as assigned by Direct of Behavioral Services.

32. Perform additional duties in different areas of the Behavioral Services department on an as-needed basis.

Required Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Social Work, or related field.

• Minimum of two (2) years of case management experience or one (1) year of case management experience and one (1) year of experience in working in a social service environment.

• Valid driver’s license in state of Nevada.

• Have a reliable transportation.

• Active CPR, CPI, and first aid certification

• Ability to successfully pass background check 

The ideal candidate will embody:

• Strong written and verbal communication skills.

• Ability to communicate effectively with clients and their family members, and at all levels of the JFSA organization.

• Working knowledge of licensing and accreditation standards as they apply to case management process.

• Proficient in computer skills (Microsoft Office & Outlook)

• Commitment to serving those in need.

• Excellent problem-solving ability.

• Ability to maintain sense of humor in a high-pressure environment.

• Ability to work with a culturally diverse staff and client base.

• Stella in organizational skills and prioritize multiple requests.

• Knowledge of ADA standards and guidelines.

• Knowledge of Care Guidelines.

• Experience working with clients with medical conditions and other disabilities is helpful.

• Ability to maintain confidentiality.

• Ability to maintain high moral standards both at work and in the community.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Ability to drive, sit, stand, and walk for extended periods of time. Ability to perform push/pull movements and to lift not more than 20 lbs. maximum and occasionally lifting and/or carrying.