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Sunday, May 5 2024 | 9:45a – 5p | Doors open 9:15a

National Automobile Museum


Presented by Jewish Nevada and Temple Emanu-El, Reno

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Symphony of the Holocaust, submitted for Oscar Consideration
Sunday, May 5 I Morning Program


Symphony of the Holocaust is a documentary film on the life of master violinist and Holocaust survivor, Shony Braun, who transformed his experience in Nazi death camps into the Symphony of the Holocaust, a haunting and hopeful musical testament to the millions of Jews murdered by the Nazis during World War Two.

After his miraculous survival, Shony composed over 200 works on his prized violin.  But The Symphony of the Holocaust was his masterwork... and he longed to play it at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp where his nightmarish journey began. His hope was to fill the camp with the beauty of his music.  Unfortunately, Shony died before he had the opportunity.  

But now, Shony’s family is going to fulfill his wish, by traveling to Auschwitz to play his symphony in front of the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau gate - the very gate that so many Jews traveled through to their horrific deaths.

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Join us for a Q&A following our morning film, Symphony of the Holocaust, the story of Shony Braun. Special guests; Greg Dehart, Director and Producer, Garrett Sutton, Executive Producer, and Sylvia Dinah Braun Griffin, daughter.


The Tailor
Sunday, May 5 I Afternoon Program (6 minute short)

Culture and confusion meet on a Brooklyn street, in this hilariously charming tale of similarities amid diversity. Film directed by Gordon Grinberg.



Sunday, May 5 I Afternoon Program
Moti Bernstein is the son every mother wants, a student every Rabbi loves to teach, the ideal Yeshiva Bucher, the perfect match for every bride. He has it all: a good family, a brilliant mind, and he is not bad looking either.
In search of a wife, he will meet the best girls in the Jewish orthodox world but will fall for the one girl he can never have. The only one he wants. Against everything he knows and every value he holds dear, Moti will be forced to go out on a limb in the most unexpected and unusual of ways.
Who will win? The system or the inner voice?
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Remembering Gene Wilder
Sunday, May 5 I Afternoon Program

The world knows Gene Wilder as an endearing comic genius, but his gifts include writing and directing. Including interviews, clips and outtakes from the set, and excerpts from Wilder's memoir in his own voice.

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