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When you partner with Jewish Nevada, your business received tremendous publicity and exposure to some of the most affluent and influential people across Nevada.


We are commited to ensuring a partnership with Jewish Nevada is one of the highest value to your company and the best value for your investment.


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As the central community organization representing ALL Jewish people in Nevada, the Federation is the one place where philanthropy, volunteerism, and shared commitment come together to make a difference locally and globally. Jewish Nevada helps to fund programs that create vibrancy in our community such as summer camp, preschool scholarships, assisting seniors and Holocaust survivors, supporting Israel, and much more!


We have the expertise and the experience to leverage the work of our 70+ local and overseas partners agencies so that what we accomplish together is far greater than what one organization a person could dream of achieving alone.


  • Help feed those who are hungry
  • Support families in times of crisis
  • Provide funding assistance to enable seniors to continue to live with dignity and respect
  • Engage youth, teens, and college students to be leaders of tomorrow
  • Provide humanitarian relief in times of crisis
  • Provide high quality Holocause education programs for k-12 teachers
  • Create vibrancy and continuity of Jewish life across the state

With funds raised each year through corporate sponsorships, community events, phonathons, outreach campaigns, mailings and personal conversations, organizations devoted to helping lift up those that need it the most are supported by Jewish Nevada. All of our work is guided by our commitment to tikkun olam and g'milut hasadim - repairing of the world and acts of kindness and serves - and are made possible by our generous and conscientious donors. Through our vast network of services, programs, and special campaigns, Jewish Nevada helps people of all walks of life right here in Nevada and around the world.

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