Birthright Israel Blogs July 2014 - Day 8

Blog day 8: by Rachel Feinberg

Waking up in Jerusalem is an amazing feeling. Yes - we've shared countless incredible experiences over the past week but culminating our trip with nearly four full days in the promised land is a truly special opportunity. As we gathered in the lobby to start …

Birthright Israel Blogs July 2014 - Day 7

Day 7 blog by Adra Bowman

After an amazing night of delicious Beduin food, riding camels, star-gazing individually with the whole crew around us, and toasting s'mores around a bonfire at the Beduin Tents, we woke up finally to the soothing melody of "Here Comes the Sun", instead of the usu…

Birthright Israel Blogs July 2014 - Day 6

Day 6 blog: by Rebecca Wolfson

Monday night quickly turned into Tuesday morning. We left the hotel in Arad at 3:30 am and rode the bus over to one of the most breathtaking places I have ever seen. We started the hike up Masada on the Roman trail. By the time we reached the top, dawn was upo…

Birthright Israel Blogs July 2014 - Day 5


Last night our hotel in Natanya held a World Cup viewing downstairs for everyone. There were several other Taglit Birthright trips staying there and it was really awesome to be able to get to know them and experience Israel through…

Birthright Israel Blogs July 2014 - Day 4


by Jacob Henry

Today left me speechless. Our group traveled from Tiberius to Netanya, which is a coastal city closer to the rocket fire coming out of Gaza. Along the southern route we detoured north and stopped in the Golan, the mountain range that Isr…