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Birthright July Delegation 7.12.15

Walking through the old city of Jerusalem, I became fixated on the cobblestones. We have them
in America, yes, but these were different: smooth as glass, warped from time, and ever-present.
These cobblestones have a history—a history of our people. Our ancestors walked this…

Birthright July Delegation 7.10 and 7.11.15

Birthright Nevada Delegation July:

The air is heavy in Israel. No, I am not talking about just the humidity shock coming from the desert heat of Vegas. As we stood as a group, traveling to get to this moment for more than 24 hours, we saw thousands of years of world altering history below. …

Birthright Day 1 2015

After 17 hours of travel the participants of the Nevada Community Birthright Delegation (TL-32-250) have all arrived safe and sound in Israel.  Hagai, our tour guide, along with Jule, our medic and our bus driver Gadir, greeted the participants at the airport with much excitement.  While s…